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Vietnam’s first F1 Grand Prix confirmed for 2020

Vietnam F1 Grand Prix track layout

In 2020, an exciting new racing event will be added to the F1 calendar as Vietnam’s iconic capital city of Hanoi will play host to a 4th street race. It joins the likes of Monaco, Singapore and Azerbaijan in the street racing category with its distinctive 22-turn and 3.458-mile track.

F1’s Motorsports team and circuit design company Tilke have worked together to come up with a semi-permanent street circuit, using both current and purpose-built roads.

With F1 having some of the best racing tracks on its list, it makes sense to take inspiration from some of them to develop a new and exciting event for the 2020 season.

Turns 1 and 2 are based on the opening corners at Germany’s Nurburgring, with great over-taking opportunity. The back straight is a long 1.5km allowing cars to reach speeds of around 335kph as they approach turn 11. Turns 12 through to 15 may look familiar as they have been inspired by a section of the famous Monaco street circuit. The Turn 16-19 arrangement that follows feature fast changes of direction like the Esses at Suzuka, and the final three corners take inspiration from Malaysia’s Sepang.

Once the circuit and building designs have been signed off and all construction and site planning approvals have been made, this track looks set to add some feistiness to the 2020 season. F1 officials and the FIA’s F1 Race Director Charlie Whiting have visited the venue and have said to have been happy with the plans. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing it being put to the test by the experienced F1 drivers.

Formula 1 has been critised in recent years for failing to deliver exciting races to its fans. This new circuit is part of F1’s plans to reach wider audiences and bring back the appeal to F1 racing. This new race is part of the expansion under new owners Liberty Media.

What do you make of the Vietnam Grand Prix?